SingHost Announces Web Hosting Conference

SingHost announced that they would be planning for a full-day conference in 2013. Fred Goh spoke briefly about the nature of the conference, and stipulated that it would be centered on the latest web hosting trends going forward, and what kind of technologies and changes we can expect to find regarding web hosting as we enter 2013.

“The web hosting industry as we know it is changing. As a leader of web hosting services, we understand that change is inevitable, and that it is critical that we know what is it that we’re facing. Most of our clients are looking towards newer technologies that give them the edge in today’s fast-paced digital world. Even bloggers, on topics such as fashion, automobiles, or Singapore stocks, are looking at products such as cloud hosting. Moving forward, we have several new products planned around a central group of technologies that we’re planning to implement in our infrastructure. These are exciting changes, and we’d like our clients to know that we’re always having their best interests at heart.”

SingHost is a company that provides shared hosting, dedicated servers, as well as VPS hosting packages to a large group of customers all over the world. They have one of the best data center facilities in Singapore. Moreover, SingHost has been recognized a number of times for the excellent support that they have and continue to provide to their customers.