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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

DedicatedNOW Hosting Announces SAN Storage Solution

DedicatedNOW, announced the release of their much anticipated SAN storage solution. The engineering team at parent company FortressITX, has laboured over the Company’s SAN technology for the past 18 months to create a storage compliment for their private cloud platform.

“Our SAN infrastructure is an open book – easy to read, but next to impossible to duplicate,” says Jason Silverglate, CEO and chief architect of the company’s storage solution. Silverglate says that his SAN was designed to deliver industry-leading performance with a high-level of reliability. The SAN’s design includes redundant head nodes with redundant 10Gbps cards and redundant SAS 6Gbps wide internal SAS paths. The end result is two highly capable volumes that can achieve extremely high read and write speeds.

Jason remarks, “on Volume 1 we are able to achieve 1600MB/s read and 1300MB/s write. Mind you, Volume1 is our low performance Volume… Volume 2, which is our SSD volume can achieve 250,000 IOPS and can easily max out a few 10Gbps circuits.”

That speed makes all the difference when it comes to cloud purposed storage and that is what Jason and his team are counting on. Earlier this year, DedicatedNOW partnered with OnApp to launch a managed private cloud solution. The DedicatedNOW private cloud solution allows customers to configure and deploy scalable, redundant hypervisors onto the SAN, connected through a redundant switch stack via multiple gigabit connections both to the Internet and The Company’s own internal SAN network.

DedicatedNOW is preparing for the launch of their public cloud offering and anticipate the release of that product later this year.

About DedicatedNOW.com
DedicatedNOW, provides managed dedicated servers and complex hosting solutions to customers in nearly 100 countries. More information about DedicatedNOW’s private cloud and SAN technology is available on their website at http://cloud.dedicatednow.com.

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