Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

HostUCan Launch Web Hosting Review and Search Site

HostUCan.com, has
launched their new business in China. As Chinese version of HostUCan.com, HostUCan.cn will be the place for Chinese webmasters to rate their web hosts and search for an ideal hosting solution.

HostUCan is one of few hosting review sites which focus on collecting high quality reviews from REAL users of web hosting solutions. To fight with spam reviews, HostUCan team carefully audits each entry submitted. And unlike the other web hosting review sites which simply list out the review data and calculate an average score, HostUCan offer a serial of tools to dig into the review records, analyze what a hosting plan is best for and ease the way to find a right hosting solution.

Those tools include:

Needs-centric hosting search and recommendation engine, with which people just need to define their site profiles, and the system will list out the best fit solutions based on the analysis of review data.
Tool for people to search for customer reviews with various criteria
Hosting Relevancy Analysis tool to know how good a web hosting is for a site
Free website monitoring service to know the uptime and performance of a site from multiple location
A webmaster forums for people to seek for help and share their knowledge
HostUCan.cn is released with all above features. And the major difference between these 2 sites is that most web hosts in HostUCan.com are from US, UK, Canada, and Australia while HostUCan.cn will focus on the hosting service providers from China, US, Japan, and HongKong. It is the first product review and search platform in Chinese hosting industry.

About HostUCan:
HostUCan.com is a next generation web hosting review and search platform. It provides a powerful need-centric hosting product search engine in order to help people find the best solutions for their sites. HostUCan is also a place for webmasters to share their hosting experience and to seek information from other experts.

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