Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Prolime Host announce Stronger Cpanel Services

Prolime Host has announced a complete integration of their dedicated hosting solutions with Cpanel based control technology. They have also seamlessly integrated the new web hosting control system accessed by their large client base with their existing control system. This novel Cpanel based control system is expected to enable the users of Prolime Host to manage and monitor their websites and visitor behavior better than ever before.

Tom Beck, the technical officer of Prolime Host, was excited to announce this development to the outside world. “We are extremely glad to have been able to make a timely introduction of the robust Cpanel technology as part of our Linux based hosting solutions,” said Beck. “This will make our web hosting solutions way more feature rich and user friendly compared to all our competitors that are not empowered by this great modern technology. We are now looking forward to conduct a study to compare the performance of our Cpanel dedicated server based hosting with some of our top competitors. I am confident that we shall come through with flying colors in the study.”

From a technical point of view, a Cpanel based dedicated server is expected to allow modular control of all the processes and resources constituting the state of the server. This technology is extremely flexible and provides a multi-faceted control in Linux operating system driven web servers. This leads to significant ease of use and an improved granularity of control on Linux based hosting platforms.

This move from Prolime Host comes at a time when the world of technology is going through an exponential growth in client bandwidth demand, and many of the small and medium businesses are actively seeking to move to dedicated servers in order to meet their client requirements. The company is reported to expect a significant portion of their client base to migrate to dedicated hosting, going by the increasing demand and global trends observed in the web hosting marketplace. The stronger integration of the Cpanel technology with dedicated server platform will provide the critical support to this migration, according to the company spokespersons.

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