Website Hosting Plans Site Relaunched

The Website Hosting Plans website has been re-launched with extra content offered in a easier to use format. This now provides everything people new to the subject need to know of about web hosting.

Website Hosting Plans recently re-launched their website which gives assistance, to consumers and businesses, to find the best website hosting company for them. The site had become too extensive for its earlier layout and has recently been enhanced so that information is available in a user friendly format such that that someone new to web hosting can rapidly grasp what they need to know. A great deal of the information is produced by in house authority, Andy Nataghi, with the support of selected third party articles. The website is aimed at non-technical people and provides information and guidance without getting too much into the technical details.

Andy said “Deciding on a Web Hosting Package is not simple. There are numerous companies providing comparable services but some are superior to the rest. It is important to make the right choice at the outset as the last thing that you want to have to do is change companies later”.

There are a considerable amount of web hosting vendors and selecting between them can be difficult, especially as the basic service is the same. It is only subsequent to signing up that a customer is able to find out how good the service really is and whether or not the technical support is satisfactory.

This is hard enough for individuals but is crucial to get this correct for business owners particularly if they are selling from their website. No one wishes their website to be unavailable for long intervals or their pages to load slowly.

Matters on which extensive information is available includes:

* Kinds of Web Hosting – Which people require Windows and which should go for Linux.
* Form of Product – Different levels of service from basic shared hosting to cloud hosting including particular services for eCommerce sites.
* Hosting Expressions – A look at the advertising and marketing along with technical terminology frequently seen, e.g. what is the real meaning of “unlimited”?
* Registering a Domain Name – Is it best to make use of the hosting provider?
* Choosing a Website Hosting Company – How to go about finding the best service.
* Starting a Website – Explaining how easily this can be achieved through use of a tool such as WordPress (with the right hosting company).
About Us: Website Hosting Plans is a website produced and maintained by Andy Nataghi and is dedicated to providing information on web hosting and reviews of web hosting companies.

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