Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information


Linode, a leading provider of private virtualised hosting based in New Jersey, USA, has selected TelecityGroup to support its expansion into Europe. TelecityGroup’s Powergate facility will provide Linode with the resilient, high-density infrastructure required for its flagship European deployment – London Linode – to ensure the local delivery of its cloud solutions.

Linode offers its customers virtualised private servers, guaranteeing far better performance than shared web hosting and greater efficiency than dedicated servers. To meet the growing worldwide demand for its services in the UK, Linode needed an established provider with the capacity to support the demand both now and in the future and to ensure customers receive the resilient services they have come to expect

Christopher Aker, Founder and CEO of Linode, comments: “The demand for our services, particularly in London, is phenomenal. TelecityGroup’s Powergate facility is state-of-the-art, providing us with a high-density environment which has the capacity for us to grow – we expect to double the amount of capacity we take over the next year. This has allowed us to replicate our highly resilient infrastructure locally, as well as benefit from the connectivity within the data centre.”

To ensure the availability of its services, Linode uses TelecityGroup’s ‘IP Multihome’ service. This offers fully redundant internet connectivity via a number of carriers, ensuring the most efficient distribution of traffic. Additionally, TelecityGroup’s team of highly skilled engineers are on hand 24×7 to provide a range of support services to Linode, removing the need for a local team.

Adriaan Oosthoek, Managing Director of TelecityGroup UK and Ireland, comments: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Linode. The company is seen as a pioneer in cloud services – it has an excellent reputation for highly resilient virtualised server hosting, and TelecityGroup is delighted to play a role in supporting and enabling market-leading cloud services in Europe. We look forward to working with them.”


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