Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

ASEOHosting Acquires IPv4 Address Space

ASEOHosting, announced that they have acquired a /16 of IPv4 address space (255 Class C’s) to their already extensive network of SEO hosting infrastructure.

Multiple IP hosting offers webmasters the opportunity to host across multiple IP ranges to achieve better search engine optimization. The basic concept behind multiple, or SEO hosting, is that search engines give better rankings to related sites that link to one another from differing IP ranges. By expanding across various domain names on multiple IPs, webmasters have the ability to increase their online search results. This new IP allocation is the equivalent of a ‘Class B’ of IP space, and should provide customers with plenty of room to expand to meet their SEO hosting needs.

Director of Business Development for Ahosting, Inc., Daniel Page comments, “We are really excited about this expansion. This huge addition to our IP address space complements our tremendous line of SEO web hosting products and offers our valued customers even more options, providing them with the opportunity to further boost their search engine rankings and achieve greater web traffic.”

This addition to ASEOHosting’s available IP allocation is just one of several expansions that are expected to be announced over the coming months. The company also plans to introduce a new product offering called “SEO domains,” through which clients can purchase turnkey websites and domain names that have existing page rank at competitive pricing.

Existing clients of ASEOHosting who would like to take advantage of this new class C IP offering can do so by logging into their account at https://billing.aseohosting.com. For more information on the variety of IP hosting packages offered by ASEOHosting visit http://www.aseohosting.com/ip-hosting.html, or contact the ASEOHosting sales team directly.

ASEOHosting is a Hudson, Florida-based web hosting company owned and operated by Ahosting, Inc. ASEOHosting provides multiple IP web hosting services in an environment considered to be ideal for SEO professionals. Clients of ASEOHosting can subscribe to SEO hosting services across 400+ U.S. and 150+ European IP Class C’s, and rest assured that their provider is paying relentless attention towards other server-side factors that contribute directly to the success of their SEO campaigns. For more information, visit http://www.aseohosting.com.

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