Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

myhosting.com Announces Affiliate Rewards Program

Customers of myhosting.com are now invited to participate in the new myhosting.com Hosting Affiliate Rewards program. The in-house referrals system is designed to make it easy for myhosting.com customers to benefit financially from referring friends, family, business colleagues and other users to myhosting.com web hosting, business email and VPS services.

The myhosting.com Affiliate Rewards program has been designed from the ground up to make referrals quick, easy and most importantly, financially well worth the endeavor. Users can quickly generate links they can provide to referrals as well as banners or other web media to engage their web audience looking for their own hosting services. To start, all qualified referrals provide a minimum $75 USD return!

“Our customers are already referring their friends, family and colleagues, it only makes sense to reward them for that,” sings Jeremy Lee Adams, Product Manager at myhosting.com. “We appreciate our customers business and the fact that they’re willing to recommend us means they appreciate ours. More than simply rewarding these customers, we want to promote them as one of the team!”

The web hosting business can be a mystery to many consumers lost in world of designers, programmers and computer techies. Word of mouth is any web hosts strongest asset since it helps to “part the cloud of confusion” and provide an inside understand of what makes a good web host.

Web hosting technology may be veiled in mystery, but with myhosting.com, the company doesn’t have to be.

myhosting.com already has well-established Affiliate Programs through ShareASale and Commission Junction, and this latest program is specifically designed for the average hosting customer over professional affiliates.

For more information, please visit http://affiliates.myhosting.com/.

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