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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Host 1&1 Hosting Improves Flexibility with Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 Internet Ltd., www.1and1.co.uk, a global leader amongst Web hosting providers, has made its Dynamic Cloud Server now even more flexible. From now on, configurations for all essential features such as CPU or RAM can be scaled hourly as needed. For small and medium businesses, the innovation of such flexibility with server resources allows them to manage their IT needs just as efficiently as major corporations who leverage such tools for long-time success. This lowers the costs of small business IT and enhances the competitive nature of the market.

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server (DCS) offers users a virtual server environment with full root access. The innovative aspect of this model is found in the adaptability of each machine’s basic settings that can be changed to suit users’ own needs over time. It is also possible to switch between either a Linux or Windows operating system. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server can be a sophisticated alternative for companies whose resource requirements change frequently or for start-ups that cannot accurately estimate how much computing power they will need for their online project.

If a company using a traditional dedicated server requires an increase in computing power, significant time and resources is needed to change configurations over to a new machine. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server eliminates such a time consuming process by enhancing usability and accessibility. If, for example ,a promotional campaign or one-time project attracts more website visitors than usual, this cloud server would allow the performance parameters to be increased with the help of an intuitive slider for expanding computing power up to 6 cores, 24 GB RAM and 800 GB of hard disk space. An upgrade or downgrade to a server would be complete in less than five minutes.

For users whose online projects exploit the capacity of a single cloud server completely, 1&1 offers a multi-function virtual infrastructure. That means that up to 99 virtual machines can be added to an existing contract and ordered conveniently via the user’s 1&1 Control Panel. After setup, users can configure each Dynamic Cloud Server as usual, with individual capabilities to start, stop, reset or delete them.

Managing and monitoring the server on-the-go is also not a problem. 1&1 provides mobile apps for the DCS that can be downloaded for free via iTunes and Android market.

1&1 mobile server apps can be used with all current iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices as well as mobile phones running the Android operating system.

Technically, 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server is based on the Xen virtualization platform. The modern high-performance data centres of 1&1 provide excellent network connectivity with more than 275 Gbit/s, the optimal infrastructure for product innovation. Multiple redundant systems are in place along with comprehensive measures to protect against power outages, loss of data, cyber-attacks and external hazards such as water or fire. Such measures were developed to guarantee 1&1 users maximum availability, 365 days per year.

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server is currently available from only £29.99 per month+VAT. The base price includes a processor core, 1 GB of RAM and 100 GB of hard disk space. Each additional processor core, GB of RAM and 100 MB of hard disk space costs only 1 pence per hour. Packages ordered in March will receive 3 months free per cloud server.

For more information visit the website at www.1and1.co.uk

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