Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

HostUCan Launch Web Host Accreditation Program

HostUCan, an industry leading web hosting review and search web site, today announce their web hosting accreditation program, which is used to recognize the web hosts who have delivered high quality product and service to their customers.

Unlike some other accreditation program, HostUCan Accreditation is total free, as said by HostUCan.com.

HostUCan also describe how they filter the Accredited Web Hosts, which include:

Be in business for at least 2 years.
At least 20 customer reviews collected by HostUCan per year, in which the average score should be 4.0+ with 80% recommendation rate.
At least 30 days Money back guarantee.
99.9% Uptime. HostUCan has deployed a web host uptime monitoring system, they will refer to the data they have collected.
Advertise honestly, no hidden cost or hidden constraints.
Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business.
Any web host who believe they have met above criteria, they could contact HostUCan.com to get the certification, HostUCan editor teams will start the evaluation in anonymous way. HostUCan Accreditation is not a life-time award and they will re-assess those winners in annual manner. For those who cannot meet above criteria will receive a warning to fix the issues within 3 months. For those missing the timeline, the accreditation will be cancelled.

There are many benefits to be HostUCan Accredited Web Host, and below are the most important Two:

Credibility and Accountability
As the top brand in web hosting reviews industry, HostUCan Accreditation stands for Credibility and Accountability, which will help build the trust from your potential customers and generate sales.
Better Ranking in HostUCan Hosting Search
HostUCan has developed a serials tool to help people find the high quality web hosting solutions, such as hosting search, hosting relevancy checking tool, etc. And their back end ranking engine will put the products from Accredited Hosting company in higher position.
About HostUCan.com

HostUCan.com is a need-centric web hosting search and review platform. Their powerful products search engine could help webmasters find the best hosting solutions based on their hosting needs. HostUCan is also a place for webmasters to share their hosting experience and to seek information from other experts.

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