Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

RoutHost Promotes Economical, Green Web Hosting with Colocation and Dedicated Server Support

RoutHost, a low cost hosting provider known for its power-friendly packages, is inviting businesses and consumers to explore the company’s flexible server options, available online at http://www.RoutHost.com. The web hosting service is currently promoting its dedicated servers, in addition to its server colocation service for clients looking to relocate their existing servers.

“RoutHost offers robust, reliable service in a power-friendly facility to minimize carbon offset. Plus, our web hosting plans are bolstered by 24/7 phone and live chat support based in the U.S., so individuals, enterprises, and every client in between can receive rapid technical assistance,” said Levi Staal, CEO of RoutHost.

RoutHost is highlighting its power-friendly colocation service as an affordable way for clients to store and power their existing server hardware. The low cost hosting plan makes it possible to benefit from higher bandwidth speeds at a lesser expense than would be required outside of a colocation facility, with the added benefit of increased connection redundancy. Web hosting providers offer significant savings over the costs of maintaining a business grade DSL connection or an even more pricey T1 line.

Colocation hosting plans also provide a safeguard against outages including severe weather or necessary disruptions, such as a change in office space; while offices often maintain generators to provide power in the event of an outage, it is easy to underestimate the amount of power needed to overcome two or three days without electricity, Staal notes. Additionally, colocation clients own their server machinery and software, making it possible for them to install upgrades as they see fit.

Another of the green web hosting company’s popular services, RoutHost’s dedicated servers are available to lease-holders on a month-to-month basis to facilitate both short- and long-term projects. The lost cost hosting service boasts reliable power supplies and redundant data back-ups, supported by a highly trained IT staff.

Unlike colocation, RoutHost’s dedicated server support makes it possible for clients to experience the speed and reliability of professionally managed servers without having to buy, transport, or maintain their own machinery. The green web hosting provider recommends its dedicated servers for companies in need of an online file backup infrastructure in the event of a primary system failure, among other applications.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the RoutHost data center connects to the internet via 14 GB ethernet cables and six distinct backbone providers, with 3Com/Intel NICs, Intel/AMD Processing, and Kingston DDR RAM, among other name-brand features. The green hosting company employs power backups from UPS Systems in conjunction with a Cummins generator.

RoutHost is available at http://www.RoutHost.com or by phone at 888-221-HOST.

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