Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

FreeHostReview.com Announces Rebranding of Website to FreeWebSpace.org

FreeHostReview.com is a well known and established web hosting review site that provides detailed reviews of both free web hosting service provides and cheap shared hosting plans. The site also contains valuable free web hosting articles and tutorials to help new webmasters gather more information and get started with a new web hosting account.

Every web host that is reviewed on the http://www.freewebspace.org site is individually reviewed by a staff member to provide the most accurate and detailed information about each of the web hosts they review. Brenda W, Manger of 100 Best, Inc says, “Searching through the seemingly endless search engine results that come up for “web hosting” or “free web hosting” is daunting to say the least, especially for people just starting a new website. Our goal in rebranding this site is to expand our services and reviews to really help these new webmasters find the best free hosting services out there. FreeWebSpace.org narrows down the list of millions to a much more manageable number and gives some assurance that these hosts meet minimum standards.”

In addition to the web hosting reviews, FreeWebSpace.org articles cover topics from the pros and cons of free hosts to methods for making money online. The content will help visitors determine which type of web hosting will best meet his needs. With some research and understanding about the types of web hosting, visitors will be prepared to select the best web hosting plan for the website in mind. Visitors can also leave personal user reviews for any of the web host companies featured on the website. The editorial team screens all of the reviews submitted to make sure the company isn’t tooting their own horn or trying to make the competition look bad by leaving fake reviews.

About 100 Best, Inc.
FreeWebSpace.org is one of several websites owned and managed by 100 Best, Inc. The Management and staff at 100 Best has more than 10 years experience in the web hosting and internet services industries. 100 Best is constantly working to provide the latest and most accurate information to their target audience.

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