TCWH releases Joomla web hosting tutorial

The leading web hosting review site (TCWH) launches a new tutorial category for hosting Joomla with their Joomla web hosting review and rating page. The Joomla hosting tutorial is designed to help people find a reliable web host for Joomla by a series of introduction on Joomla shared web hosting prerequisite, Joomla installation, Joomla migration, and Joomla site SEO.

Joomla is the most popular software used to build weblog and large content based websites widely. The typical large sized clients include AOL Corporate, New York Observer, and Sony Music. Joomla is quite easy to create a website or blog because of the visual and easy-to-use user interface. Meanwhile, there are over thousands free Joomla themes, widgets and modules in the community that webmasters can customize their preferable websites easily.

As introduced by TCWH, finding a trust-worth web hosting for Joomla is not easy as using it, even for some senior PHP and Joomla developers. The choice of web hosting based on the apparent features is not trust-worth. The handy tutorials from TCWH are all written based on the practical experience from their knowledgeable technicians, to help people select a proper domain name, find the best web host, create a Joomla site, customize Joomla site, manage site content, and promote site over the Internet.

By following the Joomla hosting tutorial, TCWH had also come out a sorted list of Top 10 Joomla Hosting based on the checkpoints as below.
#1 – Joomla integration for how easy people can get start their website.
#2 – Joomla themes, widgets and extended modules included with the Joomla web hosting plan.
#3 – Joomla optimization features including GZIP, URL Rewrite, etc.
#4 – Joomla web hosting performance and reliability.
#5 – affordable Joomla web hosting price.

In the case that people are looking for a new opportunity over the Internet by launching a website using Joomla, it’s worth to check out Joomla web hosting reviews and rating at