Host Color Hosts KVM Virtual Machines Near Chicago

Web Hosting Provider Host Color announced that they host a new KVM Virtual Dedicated Servers in a data center near Chicago. Host Color with this step will provide a much lower prices for VPS hosting services to their customers with a choice of virtualization platform between OpenVZ, KVM and Xen virtual machines with 99.999% uptime, fully-redundant network and 24/7 support.

Web Hosting Host Color is well well known for their services and high quality Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Dedicated Servers. Also the web hosting company prices and services are unbeatable for Example the price of VPS Starts as $24.95 monthly or $18.95 per month (2-year subscription). with this prices the customer will have 768 mb ram, 20gb STORAGE SPACE, 1000 gb BANDWIDTH, 100% up time FULLY-REDUNDANT NETWORK, IPv4 IP SPACE, SSH & FULL ROOT ACCESS, CPU & SERVER CONFIGURATIONS, Cpanel, free set up for VPS accounts, unlimited hosting web sites, unlimited E-MAIL ACCOUNTS, free add-on in most VPS plans, two choices of virtualization technology of Xen or KVM based on virtual machines, 24/7 support & fast response to support tickets, domain registration of $9.95 per year.

Unlike the OpenVZ based VPS, on the KVM based Virtual Dedicated Servers the server memory (RAM) and hard disk space are not “shared” with other virtual machines on the underlying host server system. This means that the resources allocated on any KVM VPS can not be assigned to another virtual server and that overselling is not possible. The KVM based virtual servers feature Virtual Network Computing (VNC) that gives Host Color’s customers full access to the console of the VDS. This means that they can work in a physical-like IT Hosting environment and manage their virtual machines as a fully isolated dedicated servers.