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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Vaultize Announces Industry’s First Backup, Sync and Sharing Appliance at CloudConnect

Vaultize becomes the first data protection & sync vendor in the world to launch an enterprise-grade appliance for backup, sync and sharing. Cloud-in-a-box is an integrated platform with a combination of enterprise-grade hardware and Vaultize cloud software. All Cloud-in-a-box appliances come bundled with all ground-breaking Vaultize features: backup, sync, group sync, sharing, web access and mobile apps.

Vaultize provides flexible deployment options to its customers. It’s public cloud is hosted in Rackspace in the US. Additionally customers can choose to deploy Vaultize in their own private cloud, data center, virtual private cloud or go the hybrid way. With the launch of Cloud-in-a-box, businesses now get another deployment option for Vaultize.

The Cloud-in-a-box rack-mountable appliance series starts with 2TB de-duplicated and compressed storage capacity and extends up to 90TB. The entry level VZ series comprises of 3 models VZ4000NE (1U), VZ4000E (2U) and VZ8000E (3U) that provide 2TB, 4TB and 6TB backup storage capacity (with RAID1) respectively.

“As the adoption of cloud backup is increasing, there is always going to be certain type of data that can’t move to public cloud because of regulatory compliances for many business verticals. Our Cloud-in-a-box strategy complements our cloud offering by allowing our customers to manage all their data on a single platform,” said Anand Kekre, CEO and Co-founder of Vaultize. “Additionally, for customers who are on the fence for cloud adoption, Cloud-in-a-box can be their first step into the wonderful world of cloud. And with our cloud portability option, they would be able to move to public cloud or their own private cloud any time in future.”

“With Vaultize we finally have a solution that addresses our security and data loss risks. It is a versatile solution to our challenges around backing up, sharing and syncing of files as it is both easy to use and gives our people what they need to do their jobs efficiently,” said Arvind Laddha, CEO of Vantage Insurance Brokers and Risk Advisors. “Being in the financial services sector, we have certain data that can’t be moved to public cloud. Vaultize’s Cloud-in-a-box offering addresses that concern. Now we have all user data in Vaultize public cloud and compliance data in Cloud-in-a-box.”

While most other backup solutions perform encryption at the server, Vaultize encrypts data at source before it leaves the device. Vaultize is the first backup solution in the world to do both enterprise-grade encryption and de-duplication together at source. Now with Cloud-in-a-box, businesses can even backup roaming laptops and branch/remote offices without having to use VPN.

In addition to backup and sync between user devices, Vaultize’s “Group Sync” and “Sharing over Web” features – that provide Dropbox-like file sharing and synchronization across users with enterprise-grade security, control and centralized administration – are also available with Cloud-in-a-box with no extra cost.

About Vaultize:
Vaultize is an award-winning flagship product from Anoosmar Technologies – a privately held company with registered office in Pune (India). It is the first backup, sharing and sync solution in the world that is designed from the ground-up specifically for cloud using multi-tenant architecture and enterprise-class security, control and SLAs.

The co-founders Anand Kekre (CEO) and Ankur Panchbudhe (CTO) come with technology leadership and executive management experience working previously at IBM, VERITAS, Symantec, Reconnex and McAfee before starting this venture. They together hold 72 US patents.