Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Cloud Hosting from ReliaCloud

ReliaCloud, a provider of highly reliable cloud servers, recently posted on the company blog that ReliaCloud services not only provide reliable, affordable and secure computing, but also improve website profitability. With the usage of cloud hosting becoming increasingly popular, ReliaCloud saw an opportunity to create an optimal hosting environment. The post states, ReliaCloud services can provide overall faster loading webpages, which in turn provide a more positive user experience, reduce operating costs and potentially affect web search ranking to create a more profitable website.

ReliaCloud cloud hosting enables faster loading pages by utilizing multiple load balanced servers. When end users experience faster speed times, they’re more likely to click through pages or return to the site. The ReliaCloud blog stated this also helps reduce bounce rates, and reported a 2009 Google experiment showing even the slightest delay can negatively influence a user’s decision to continue accessing a site. Along with providing positive user experiences, faster loading webpages can also reduce website operating costs. Faster loading webpages allow for a reduction in hardware, in turn lowering costs. The post shared a Shopzilla report showing a 5 second speed-up resulted in a 7-12% increase in revenue, as well.

The ReliaCloud blog mentions, alongside the benefits of a positive user experience and reduced operating costs exists an opportunity to profit from faster loading webpages. The post shared a recent announcement from Google that stated site speed will now factor in to the search ranking algorithm. While page relevance will still carry more SEO weight, it is not to say that site speed can’t positively impact a website. ReliaCloud mentions higher search rankings easily translate to more website traffic which can convert to profit.

In the post, ReliaCloud encourages websites limited to a single server through dedicated or shared hosting to consider cloud hosting. ReliaCloud says companies seeking a positive end user experience, lower costs and high search rankings should opt for a cloud server provider.

About ReliaCloud
ReliaCloud (www.reliacloud.com) is a well-established hosting company with world-class data centers featuring a state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure, big network pipes and extensive Internet bandwidth. ReliaCloud employees are solid, stable experienced technologists and managed hosting professionals dedicated to excellence. Unlike other national cloud providers, ReliaCloud features are geared toward businesses, with features such as production-ready cloud, low-cost bandwidth, security & assurance and 24-hour support. For more information on secure cloud computing services from ReliaCloud, visit www.reliacloud.com.

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