Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Exabytes Singapore Announces Cloud Hosting Services

Exabytes Network (SG) Pte. Ltd. has launched its cloud hosting services, largely categorized into EBiz Cloud Web & Email for small and medium sized businesses, Flexi Cloud Server for high traffic websites, portals, hosting resellers and Flexi Cloud Nodes for ISV (independent software vendor), web developers or users who need elastic server resources.

Cloud hosting also known as hosting in the cloud is the web hosting services delivered as a service rather than a product over the Internet which allows users to fully focus on their websites, eCommerce, products, profits, etc instead of hardware and its huge cost in upgrading. In conjunction with the much anticipated launch, Exabytes Singapore is set to reward its clients with the opportunity to win a 3-day 2-night complimentary stay at the luxurious Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore. Furthermore, all 50 early-bird customers will be greeted with the entitlement of free SGD1000 cloud hosting credits complimentary of the company.

A web hosting provider with 11 years of solid experience in server management and currently serves more than 60,000 clients in over 121 countries, Exabytes places great emphasis on cloud technology as it predicts the high prevalence and usage of cloud computing / hosting in the very near future. “The future is with cloud hosting. Everything can be hosted online. For example, a company can store its accounting software online and access it and its accounting data on any Internet connected PC or laptop anytime instead of installing the software on all its computers,” CEO of Exabytes, Mr. Chan Kee Siak was quoted as saying at his interview with The Edge Malaysia, when the company launched its cloud hosting services in the country back then in December 2011. He added that cloud servers have numerous advantages over conventional dedicated servers and quoted Gmail as one of the biggest users of cloud hosting which utilizes cloud technology to ensure all its users experience optimum email loading speed even during peak hours.

Cloud hosting is a technology that will soon replace the old idea of renting a server or sharing a server space also known as shared hosting. Often described as “unlimited computing power (bandwidth, RAM, CPU power, storage, etc) on demand whenever you need it.” cloud hosting also enables users to save costs during web traffic off peak because users are only billed on how much they use and not how long they use, just like an electric meter. In addition, cloud hosting is often related to better website experience for its ability to maintain website loading speed even at times of unpredictable web traffic surge.

The fact that cloud hosting has speedily gaining its momentum is backed by several reasons such as cost saving due to hardware elimination and “pay as you use,” guaranteed website performance and experience, website / computing power scalability, easy implementation, more internal IT resources, 24×7 reliable technical support as well as high availability. “First, cloud hosting is very easy to implement as you no longer need to purchase any software licenses or hardware. Setups are all automated. Second, by adopting cloud hosting, you are shifting the burden of your in-house IT team to your hosting provider to take care of all your server needs so that your team can focus on eCommerce-related tasks. Third, your virtual machines are supported by a team of highly professional IT experts who work 24×7 to eliminate all your technical concerns. Fourth, with high availability, if your server hardware fails, it will automatically move your site to other servers within the cloud. Your site automatically recovers in minutes,” said KS Chan, CEO of Exabytes.

The Applications of Cloud Hosting
The applications and adoption of cloud hosting are vast and it include social media sites, web applications, Facebook applications and business applications. It is undeniably true that cloud hosting greatly improves overall visitor website experience since problem such as website downtime is largely eliminated.

Why Exabytes Singapore?
Serving its first customer since 2001, Exabytes has 11 years of solid experience in server management and web hosting. Its commitments to customers include 24x7x365 professional technical support, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, 100-Day Money Back, friendly customer service team, 99.9% Network Uptime and 99.5% Server Uptime Guarantee.

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