Launches International Offshore Web Hosting and Internet Domain Name Services announced that it began offering services to the public including international offshore web hosting and internet domain name services.

Through the website, the association offers access to low price international web hosting services with a choice of four different international data service locations. Prices start under $6.00 per month for web hosting plans. Users have a choice of having their data and websites hosted in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, or the United States. will be offering stand-alone domain names for $9.95 per year with no gimmicks. While many domain registration companies provide a low price for the first year only, will retain competitive pricing no matter how many years of service are applied for. The $9.95 annual registration cost includes .com, .org, .net, .info, .de, .ru, .biz, .us,, and .eu domains. also introduced to focus on its Pionen Data Center-based hosting offerings. The Pionen Data Center in Sweden is one of the most reputable and secure data centers in the world, successfully hosting Wikileaks without interruption. Through, the data center is available to smaller companies and websites at low prices.

To focus on the United Kingdom data center, created . While the site features the United Kingdom data center, it also allows customers to sign up for services at the other hosting locations.

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