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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

LeaseWeb USA Names William Schrader as CEO

LeaseWeb USA, has appointed William Schrader as Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. An internet pioneer and co-founder of the world’s first commercial Internet Service Provider, Schrader will be chartered with building on the company’s brisk growth to further expand the customer base and oversee the roll out of new products and services in the massive US market.

In 1989, Schrader co-founded and grew PSINet into a $16 billion company at its peak, serving 60% of the Fortune 500 in 30 countries. LeaseWeb entered the North American market in 2011, with the opening of an office and datacenter near Washington, DC in Northern Virginia. Since then the company has experienced rapid take-up of its highly reliable hosting solutions, gaining customers across several industries including online gaming, streaming video and advertising networks.

Schrader said, “We are at a tipping point in hosting and networking, as a plethora of companies strive to adapt their practices and incorporate cloud-based elements as an integral part of their core business. With a highly knowledgeable and dedicated team, LeaseWeb USA is the first provider in the market to offer quality global hosting solutions at an extremely competitive price point.”

“By joining LeaseWeb I have returned to the most exciting and rapidly evolving part of the IT landscape: delivering hosting services and solutions to one of the fastest growing markets on the globe,” continues Schrader. “I have had the good luck to work with some of the most brilliant people in the technology industry and LeaseWeb USA continues that run. The executive team is supremely dedicated and capable of thinking outside of the box allowing me to feel at home.”

Con Zwinkels, LeaseWeb’s Founder, commented, “We are committed to investing in and accelerating the considerable success that LeaseWeb USA has had to date, and we are delighted to have Bill Schrader, with his depth of experience and market understanding, join us and spearhead the next phase of LeaseWeb’s development.”

In addition to his role at PSINet, Schrader has previously held CEO positions at Neutral Net, a fiber-to-the-home-company and provider of Smart Grid services; and at Synchris, a project collaboration and content management software tool. Schrader joins LeaseWeb USA, coming from an advisory role at AIS Network, the managed, cloud and applications hosting provider.