Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Domain Finder Tool Announced

The first thing a new website developer has to do is to find a domain name. They must carefully decide a name that represents their business and is memorable for customers. Unfortunately, many of the best domain names are already taken by other websites. When it comes to searching for a domain, nothing aids the Web developer like a domain finder tool. Domain Hosting City now offers this tool for Web developers, courtesy of Act Now Domains.

What is a Domain Finder Tool?

You cannot purchase a domain name that is already in use. To check for available website names, you have to scour through all of the available names on the web. With a domain name finder all you need to do is enter your ideal domain name in the tool bar. Once you click enter, the application instantly begins to search through all of the domain names available. If your desired name is still open, it will instantly tell you and show the price.

Sometimes, the name you are looking for is not available. In that case Domain Hosting City’s search availability program will recommend similar domains that are still open. If these domain names work for you, you can select one of them instead of the name that is already taken.

Other Features

If you find domain names that you want, the search tool will also assist you in finding common misspellings of those names. When someone types an address into their tool bar, they will often make similar spelling mistakes and typos. This common mistake is well-known among hackers and Internet criminals. Nefarious hackers will create an alternate site using the common misspelling and trick your clients out of their money. To prevent this, you can buy up the common misspellings at the same time that you purchase your domain name. You can design the misspelled domain name to redirect to the correct web page. This ensures that you retain your clients and protects customers from underhanded website owners.

Getting the Best Domain Name

Domain Hosting City has developed a reputation for giving each customer the best website creation experience possible. With this in mind, they have adopted a domain finder tool on their website. Assisted by Act Now Domains, this domain checker helps users to spend less time finding a domain and more time working on their website.

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