Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

eUKhostLtd. Announces “Build a Website” Website Builder

UK web hosting company eUKhost Ltd., a leading provider of shared, reseller, cloud and other personal and enterprise hosting solutions, announced the launch of Build a Website – a complete website hosting solution with a simple, feature-rich integrated website builder aimed at consumers that would like to create their own website without the often-associated expense and complexity.

The company markets Build a Website as a “strong response to the increasing consumer demand for complete hosting solutions” simple enough for average computer users to create robust and professional looking websites. Similar solutions from other UK providers often require customers to commit to a minimum term contract. Robert King, Founder & Director, emphasised that “consumers do not like to be locked into time-bound contracts” and describes it as a “walled approach” to these kinds of hosting solutions.

The integrated website builder included with Build a Website has over 100 website topics to choose from. Each website topic has a different colour scheme, layout and pre-defined structure most suited to the kind of website topic a user may select. “Once you have selected a website topic, there are over 80 different pre-created colour schemes you can switch between,” King explained. “Customers can also mix and match, and create their own colour schemes if they prefer.”

Every change to the colour, appearance, structure and presentation of the website which are made are displayed in real-time within the website builder. “What the customer sees in the website builder is what visitors will see when the website is published,” King explained, adding, “all websites which are created through the website builder conform to the latest web standards and work great across all Internet web browsers.”

eUKhost provide an online user guide so customers can become familiar with how the website builder works.

As well as the included website builder, eUKhost are incorporating some additional free utilities with the product – one of which being a software autoinstaller called Softaculous allowing users to install a wide-range of web applications they may want on their website.

“Softaculous is used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, and is an easy-to-use repository of common website software a user may want to use on their website. The website builder does include some built-in modules like blogging, commenting and online stores. Customers can use Softaculous to install hundreds of different web applications that they may want to use on their website – forums, wikis, guestbooks, polls and surveys – and much more,” John Strong, Managing Director, explained.
Build a Website is available starting today at £3.49 per month and includes one free website address.