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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

2013 North American IPv6 Summit

Men & Mice EHF today announced that it will participate in the 2013 North American IPv6 Summit, the largest IPv6 conference in North America this year, April 17-19 in Denver, Colorado. Men & Mice will be located at Booth#05.

“The Men & Mice Suite is deployed within some of the largest networks in the world to effectively manage IPv6 and IPv4 address space,” said Jón R. Kristjánsson, CEO of Iceland-based Men & Mice. “Our solution provides administrators with a single pane of glass to effectively manage DNS, DHCP, and IP address assignments. We have found many organizations are now looking for IPv6 migration and deployment strategies, to satisfy these needs the Men & Mice Technical Services Team provides IPv6 analysis, migration, and training to corporations worldwide,” said Kristjánsson.

With a leading speaker lineup of IPv6 experts from around the globe, including a keynote address from Latif Ladid, President IPv6 Forum and Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf, the conference revolves around compelling trends and discoveries made on IPv6 that will give attendees an opportunity to master the transition to IPv6, become IPv6 certified, and ensure they stay relevant and ahead of the curve in their profession through the next 10 years.

Attendees are predominantly networking professionals including technology leaders, systems architects, engineers and researchers.

“The Rocky Mountain Taskforce (RMv6TF) in conjunction with Regional North America IPv6 Task Forces designed this conference to give participants the opportunity to learn what it takes to get their business transitioned to IPv6 as quickly and seamlessly as possible,” said Scott Hogg, Chair-Emeritus, RMv6TF. “The biggest theme of this conference is understanding that the time to transition to IPv6 is now. Businesses cannot sustain commerce on the Web without operating in this new protocol.”

About The Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force
Dedicated to the advancement and adoption of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force (RMv6TF) works to educate the community on IPv6 and its benefits. As a sub-chapter of the North American IPv6 Task Force, the organization primarily hosts local IPv6-focused events to promote the use of IPv6 within the Rocky Mountain region. The RMv6TF is a non-profit/tax-exempt organization that industry and government can look to for guidance on IPv6 transition information and advice about best practices and solutions involving IPv6. For more information, visit www.RMv6TF.org