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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

1&1 Announce Microsoft Exchange 2013 Hosting Package

1&1 Internet, Inc., www.1and1.com, today becomes one of the first providers globally to offer a business-class email package based on Microsoft Exchange 2013. The specifications have been designed to help SMBs drive most value from email communication. Priced at $9.99/month per account, the new 1&1 Microsoft Exchange delivers 25GB capacity, the latest version of Outlook 2013, fully featured remote access to emails, mobile synchronization, as well as 1&1’s industry-leading levels of uptime, security, anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

1&1 internetEmail volumes worldwide continue to increase as more public and private sector organizations switch from offline to online correspondence. As a result, consumer expectations have also risen around how timely and professional small businesses handle emails. With this in mind, 1&1’s most recent hosted email package offers the very latest features for accessing, processing and archiving emails swiftly both in a desktop and mobile environment.

The new 1&1 Microsoft Exchange package builds upon 1&1’s previous popular version with new functionalities across important areas of use. Priced at $9.99/month per account, users receive 25 GB mailbox quota, customizable email via one free domain name, better team working with sharable contacts, calendars and tasks, synchronized mobile email via Outlook Web Access (OWA) with touch optimization for tablets and smartphone devices, and offline access to email messages using OWA caching. The new version offers excellent integration of other MS Office applications and a highly intuitive user-interface.

All email data is stored in 1&1’s own highly secure data center, and users benefit from 1&1’s expert levels of uptime, security, anti-spam and anti-virus protection. 1&1’s global backbone ensures that Microsoft Exchange packages offer high speed and robustness in sending and receiving business emails. 1&1 Microsoft Exchange uses a ‘cloud-based’ model meaning that users can scale their mailboxes up or down on a monthly basis with no lengthy contract, allowing them to adapt their requirements to workload or organizational needs, and only pay for what they need.

While most companies today realize the value of business email, research shows that many SMBs are still using outdated email clients, and on-premise solutions at more risk to data loss. 1&1 advises all types of business to examine how their daily use of email is developing in relation to their business needs, and whether greater efficiency could help improve their bottom line. Many US companies could benefit from hosted email packages capable of enhancing email accessibility, email handling, and the level of security available to them.

Since 2000, 1&1 has been at the forefront of promoting and driving the use of Web-based technologies for US small businesses. Having managed many thousands of Microsoft Exchange email packages, 1&1 leverages its global scale to deliver a high quality service to its customers. The company currently holds almost 12 million customer contracts worldwide and manages over 11 million domain names.

For more information about 1&1 Internet, Inc., visit www.1and1.com.