Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Web HSP Announces the Launch of Unlimited Storage for All Dedicated Hosting Companies

Web HSP announced they have officially launched on-demand network attached storage service along with an expanded line of network options.

Cloud WebThe move comes a few months after management at Web HSP initiated a campaign to its current domestic hosting clients to offer an upgraded line of hosting and VPS services, in addition to launching a range of custom website design packages equipped with a range of eCommerce and social media solutions.

The new services announced on Tuesday will help meet Web HSP customers’ high expectations, and provide “much higher performance storage options,” according to a recent press release.

Web HSP is also offering an introductory promotional price for all hosting and custom website development services, along with one year of complimentary shared hosting services.

“We continuously pay close attention to our customers to help find out exactly how to expand our growing range of products and services, and our customers asked for more cost effective, scalable storage and recovery options,” said Doug Davis, founder and CEO of Web HSP.

“Any company in North America that needs a server also needs a storage and backup solution from Web HSP, it’s that simple. Our new offerings exceed customer demands with reasonable price points that beat most of our competitors decisively,” CEO Davis went on to say.

Web HSP, since 1998, has been steadily increasing their presence in the hosting, VPS and custom website development industries.

The new on-demand storage solution will offer a wide range of features, including being optimized specifically for the customers individual storage needs. The fully managed system enables Web HSP staff to handle all management of the storage, and simplify set-up.

Web HSP recently implemented the new storage solutions to more efficiently, and effectively serve Windows and Linux customers as well as WordPress users that are in need of scale-out storage.

Web HSP is the ideal choice for small businesses that might be uncertain about deciding on a professional hosting company that can meet their high expectations for service.
Web HSP provides dedicated, managed, and VPS hosting solutions on-demand from its data centers in Fredericksburg, Virginia. You can reach any of their talented and well-trained staff 24 hours at day Toll Free in US & Canada at 866-660-5558