SOS Ltd Announces Opening of Super-Computing & Hosting Center in Wisconsin

SOS Limited announced launch of its Super-Computing and Hosting Center in Wisconsin. Over the past nine months, SOS management and its US team have been diligently developing its Super-Computing and Hosting Center in Wisconsin. Currently, SOS, through its majority owned joint venture, FD LLC, has secured a power supply of […]

The 20i FOSS Awards – winners announced

Hosting company 20i have announced the results of their Free and Open Source Software Awards. The Awards were launched to celebrate the role free software plays in our lives every day. From publishing new personal blog posts to managing an entire business, FOSS is the cornerstone for much of our […]

20i go green, with 100% renewables and power-efficient servers

20i have announced their move over to greener energy.The independent hosting provider – which recently opened a new data center in the USA – achieved this through a combination of the use of 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency. All the 20i web servers are now powered by 100% renewable […]

20i Hosting Announces Plans to Shake Up the US Reseller Hosting Market

20i, one of the UK’s leading web hosting companies, have announced the opening of their first US data center. Powered by a combination of autoscaling cloud hosting, proprietary technology and expert hosting support, 20i is planning to shake up a market dominated by cPanel hosts. By developing their own hosting […]

GoDaddy Managed Hosting Accounts Breached

GoDaddy have announced that an unknown attacker had gained unauthorized access to the system used to provide the company’s Managed WordPress sites, affecting up to 1.2 million of their WordPress customers. This number does not include the number of customers of those websites that are affected by this breach, and […]

Worldstream Expands into Germany, Adds Data Center in Frankfurt with maincubes

Worldstream, a fast-growing global IaaS services provider with company-owned data centers in the Netherlands and more than 15,000 dedicated servers installed, is expanding its presence across Europe with the deployment of a new data center in maincubes’ FRA01 facility in Frankfurt, Germany. It includes the installation of a new Point-of-Presence […]

Worldstream Launches Software-Defined Portfolio of 12 IT solutions ‘As-a-Service’

Worldstream, a fast-growing provider of IT infrastructure solutions with more than 15,000 servers installed in its own data centers in the Rotterdam/The Hague region, today launches a completely new software-defined product portfolio with 12 new infrastructure IT solutions ‘as-a-service’. Built on the recently launched Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN), the new […]

eXo Platform announces the release of its latest version: eXo Platform 6.1

San Francisco – eXo Platform, the digital workplace platform provider, announces the general availability of its latest release: eXo Platform 6.1. eXo Platform 6.1 aims at helping employees to better work and communicate remotely thanks to a number of new and improved applications smartly integrated together. The highlights of eXo […]

Reprise Hosting Upgrades Network, Discounts Bandwidth Prices

The cheap dedicated server provider Reprise Hosting LLC ( ) marked its ninth year in business with significant network upgrades and lowered prices on server bandwidth. “In the latter half of 2020 we made significant investments in our regional peering and network quality in the Pacific Northwest,” said Brian […]

M1 Mac mini available as a hosted server with MacStadium

The M1 Mac mini offers the cutting edge in Apple’s desktop chip performance and is available as a hosted solution through MacStadium for the first time. Amazon EC2 just started offering Mac mini server instances, and the M1 models are simply not offered. MacStadium combines the latest hardware with years […]