Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information


Arsys, a Spanish Internet services provider, today announced it is expanding its Cloud Hosting services with new cloud storage solutions geared towards home users and companies.

With the cloud storage solutions, the information is not stored on a single physical piece of hardware, but on a technological platform that guarantees maximum availability, flexibility and scalability. Through a secure web page with an easy interface, users can automatically scale their storage capacity up to 5TB (the equivalent of 1.5 million photos in high definition), according to their specific needs and requirements, and without technical intervention.

The cloud storage solutions of Arsys are geared towards both individual and business users, since they can be easily integrated into corporate environments. Any company can scale its infrastructure, at any time, to its data by flexibly managing its storage capacity of the technical infrastructure, thereby reducing its investment in storage units.

The new line of cloud storage services consists of three different solutions: Personal Online Hard Drive, Application Storage and External Storage. The launch of these solutions, already available in beta, complements Arsys’ portfolio of cloud services that will be further expanded with new functionalities in the second quarter of the year.

For the home user, Arsys offers the Personal Online Hard Drive, which allows data access from any device connected to the Internet without relying on physical devices such as for example USB memory sticks. Signing up before February 15th, this service is completely free of charge with 5 GB capacity and no time limit.

For businesses, Application Storage expands the storage capacity for external applications that access data through an API (application interface). It is aimed at developers or companies that handle a high file volume and signing up before February 15th, the 50GB version is completely free of charge for one year. In addition, companies can increase their server capacity with External Storage. This solution adds extra storage space to servers hosted with Arsys and incorporates technologies with greater connectivity and maximum incident tolerance, like high performance network units (NFS).

In April of last year, Arsys launched the first commercial cloud hosting platform developed in Spain. Based on the VMware vSphere virtualization technology, SAN architecture and next-generation servers, this platform separates hosting from the technical infrastructure that supports it, such as servers and network elements, and allows flexible servers configurations, managing its technological resources in real time.

The cloud storage platform is stored in the new Data Center of the company. The facility has the capacity to house up to 15,000 servers and incorporates the latest technological advances in energy efficiency, security and availability. The data center is connected to Arsys’ telecommunications network of two redundant lines with a total capacity of 20 Gbps ensuring optimal access to the stored data.

To explain the concept of Cloud Storage and its advantages for home users and business customers, Arsys has created a microsite www.cloudstorage.es

For additional information on the new Cloud Storage services, please visit www.arsys.es.

About Arsys
The Arsys Group has more than 675,000 domain names under management and serves over 250,000 clients worldwide. Arsys is Spain’s leading company in domain name registration and web hosting services, and one of the main industry leaders in Europe. The company employs over 270 people and provides services to more than hundred countries through arsys.es, arsys.fr and arsys.pt.

For more information about Arsys, please visit www.arsys.net

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