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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

LightEdge Launches VMware vCloud

LightEdge Solutions, a customer-centric leader in cloud computing and resilient collocation services, today announced that it has launched the initial phase of a vCloud administrative portal for its virtual server customers. This addition elevates LightEdge within the industry as one of only two VMware VSPP partners in the Iowa with vCloud capabilities in place to support their public and private cloud virtual server customers. LightEdge will use this tool as a critical differentiator for the company to continue to drive the rapidly expanding cloud computing market place.

The initial launch to existing customers is the first step of an ambitious multi-staged process that is expected to be completed before the end of the year. The vCloud portal will ultimately allow customers to create, deploy, monitor and manage their cloud-based virtual servers quickly and easily from a single application centered in LightEdge’s own “MyLightEdge” online support environment. Through the portal customers will be able to review their entire VM environment, make real-time resource updates and schedule backup snapshots to protect their systems.

“The addition of the vCloud portal will be a complete game-changer for the way that our customers are able to monitor, scale and manage their Virtual Server environments,” said Jeff Springborn, COO and president of LightEdge Solutions. “Customers will be able to scale resources for temporary traffic increases directly from the administrative portal at any time of day or night to ensure optimum performance of their application or website.”

LightEdge’s public and private cloud computing environment is based on components from leading vendor partners: Cisco, VMware and EMC. LightEdge is also currently one of only eleven companies in the United States that has achieved a “Cloud Provider” certification with Cisco.

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