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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

ClearCenter Unveils Global Network of Cloud-Based Services via ClearSDN

ClearCenter (www.clearcenter.com) today unveiled a global network of cloud-based services via ClearSDN. ClearSDN is a global service delivery network designed to monitor and update software, content, resources and services for each ClearOS installation across the globe. ClearOS, the open source network, server and gateway from ClearFoundation, can be tailored to serve the unique needs of small IT environments. ClearSDN connects each ClearOS installation with critical updates, services and monitoring from a single web-based interface.
“ClearSDN is critical to our ClearOS installations across the globe,” explained Doug Carter, IT Administrator for Mercy Corps. “Mercy Corps has installed ClearOS in more than a dozen sites across the globe in places like Kenya, Guatemala, Afghanistan and Pakistan. ClearOS is solid and reliable – the sites just run. ClearSDN services are essential to our success. Not only are key services such as content filter and anti-malware always updated, but the sites are well maintained using intrusion protection, remote system monitor, remote security audit, bandwidth monitor and more. ClearOS with ClearSDN is easy to deploy and the support from ClearCenter is outstanding.”

“ClearSDN is the heartbeat of the ClearOS strategy,” said Michael Proper, CEO of ClearCenter. “ClearSDN allows customers to know their ClearOS installations are secure, updated and monitored according to their specific needs. ClearSDN can be custom-tailored for virtually any market, including home, business, enterprise, government, education and not-for-profit. Partners use ClearSDN services to ensure remote sites are safe, secure and backed up.”

ClearSDN offers content filter updates, anti-malware updates, anti-spam updates, intrusion protection updates, remote server backup, remote bandwidth monitor, remote system monitor, remote security audit, dynamic VPN, dynamic DNS and Internet domain services.

For more information about ClearCenter, visit www.clearcenter.com or call 1+801.851.5555.

About ClearCenter

ClearCenter, based in Salt Lake City and Toronto, provides commercial services for ClearOS, an open source network, server and gateway software distribution that can be tailored to the needs of small IT environments that is simple, secure & affordable. ClearOS is installed in more then 80 countries in over 20 languages. ClearCenter updates software, content and services for ClearOS using ClearSDN, an innovative service delivery network deployed on data centers around the globe.

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