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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

DediPower Managed Cloud Storage Solutions

Managed hosting specialists, DediPower has created a portfolio of flexible storage solutions that use Cloud-based principles to deliver high performance storage capability at an affordable price for small, medium and large scale enterprises.

Ideal for high volume, data intense and critical applications, the storage solutions offer high-speed access, real-time data recovery and high capacity storage. Available in designed-to-fit formats, DediPower’s solutions range from full blown private Cloud Storage, to cloud-style virtualised and hybrid solutions to meet individual requirements and budgets.

Companies that rely on digital presence or have a large amount of multi- media data – such as creative digital specialists, online service bureaux, distance learning providers and online retailers – can now access as much data storage as they need, from a virtually inexhaustible resource, at a cost- effective price. DediPower’s cloud architecture means that scaling storage up and down is seamless so spikes in traffic aren’t a problem; it reduces bottlenecks ensuring data access is much faster; and supports real-time disaster recovery so availability and system resilience is much higher.
For those with business critical applications, DediPower also operates two dedicated data-centres, in parallel, from separate locations linked via high speed fibre optic to provide full off-site back-up. This ensures real-time disaster recovery, 100% availability and zero unplanned downtime.
Craig Martin, CEO of DediPower Managed Hosting explains, “We aim to make Cloud style storage accessible to everyone. Today’s businesses need agile, integrated storage solutions to realize the full potential of their digital estates and services. Our flexible solutions can provide increased storage requirements and scalability with no downtime – it’s an ideal combination for customers looking to achieve fast, flexible data services irrespective of traffic volumes; and a guaranteed quality user experience.”
DediPower uses proven technology to create its Cloud Storage solutions including Hewlett Packard’s Lefthand SANs (Storage Area Networks). This uses scale-out architecture to provide data replication and automatically balance data volumes across all storage resources. It also allows shared storage to be deployed within virtual server environments using existing infrastructures. This optimises virtualisation and reduces the costs of managing and expanding Cloud Storage infrastructures.
DediPower can also custom design cloud-style storage solutions using award wining software from Parascale to create highly scalable, self-managing storage clouds with the flexibility to function simultaneously as a multi- tenant cloud, economical NAS (Network Attached Storage) pool, analytic storage platform or integrated virtual computing platform.
“But it’s not always all about Cloud,” Martin adds. “We also offer a host of other data storage solutions that utilise the latest infrastructure and systems architecture to provide the best storage solutions to meet our clients’ strategic and operational goals. Where it’s purely about high volume, low cost data storage, we provide consolidated SAN solutions. These simply network with existing servers to build fully redundant, scaleable systems, with the ability to add storage to suit business needs as they evolve.”
DediPower’s Storage Solutions can be supplied either as stand alone services or as part of an integrated managed hosting service. Cloud Storage is available as both private and shared systems. It is able to accommodate all sizes and natures of businesses from the smallest start-ups to large international organisations. All of DediPower’s services are backed by the company’s unrivalled passion for customer service which provides one of the highest support levels available within the industry today.
About DediPower Managed Hosting
DediPower is a leading provider of managed hosting and data centre solutions, making the internet and eBusiness innovation a reality for businesses of all sizes. Focused on delivering service excellence through our Support with Passion(R) philosophy, we provide innovative solutions and expertise in dedicated managed hosting, virtualisation, multi-server clusters, security, and business continuity services. Our enterprise- class data centres are designed and built to support business- critical applications. DediPower is a winner of numerous hosting awards and is a Microsoft Gold certified partner, RedHat Ready hosting partner, Parallel Partner, and C Panel Authorized Reseller. Our global headquarters is located in Reading, England, and Asian headquarters in Hong Kong. For additional information, call +852 3185-0600 or visit http://www.dedipower.asia, and keep up to date with DediPower via Twitter, http://twitter.com/dedipower

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