Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Alentus Corporation Launches New Domain Registrar

Alentus Corporation, a web hosting, domain registrar, dedicated server, colocation, and E-Commerce hosting provider, today announced the completion of its Domain Name Registrar status. This extensive process involved the review and approval by the governing domain registration body ICANN, Verisign and other smaller domain registry authorities. Since 2008, Alentus has been deeply involved in the coveted status working diligently not only on the actual approval but a custom registration software platform as well.

Alentus is now in a position to directly sell and manage the highest volume domain names such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name and .pro through its www.lowpricedomains.com brand as well as through the www.alentus.com and www.Websitesource.com brands. This provides coverage for the vast majority of all domain names and more domain extensions are in progress. “In the past we had worked as a reseller on behalf of other registrars such as Go Daddy, now we can realize the cost benefits of not using a middleman,” said William King, CEO. “We look forward to maximizing the benefit of our registrar status by exponentially growing our existing client base of over 20,000 domain names as well as creating a whole new marketing vehicle geared towards shared and dedicated hosting customers. We are now truly a one stop shop for small to medium sized businesses. It is also a priority to set up our own reseller network while appealing to a broader spectrum of potential customers as currently done by other leading brands. For customers, we can now offer a more seamless sign-up and billing process. For shareholders, this is yet another product set we can utilize for significant additional revenue streams and profit.”

Worldwide, the overall domain registrar business currently encompasses over 100 million domain names and top registrars and their resellers manage over five million names each and growing. That’s well over a one billion dollar a year business segment just in basic domain name registration. A few months ago, ICANN also began allowing foreign character sets for domain names and that is expected to provide another growth area for the registrar business. Ancillary sales opportunities include digital certificates, domain name parking revenue, web hosting and more.


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