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Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX1000 Platform Re-Writes Cloud Computing Price-Performance

Fujitsu today rewrites the data centre rule book in introducing the revolutionary PRIMERGY Cloud eXtension server. The PRIMERGY CX1000 provides unprecedented levels of scale-out capability, ideal for Cloud environments, and sets new standards in data centre economics by optimising the operating cost drivers of power, heat and space.

The PRIMERGY CX1000 is designed from the ground up to deliver as much computing power as possible per square meter, at the lowest-possible price, packing 38 server nodes into a rack to provide minimum savings of 20% in power and cooling in comparison to a standard rack server assembly. The PRIMERGY CX adds a new class of server to the current Fujitsu x86 line-up of PRIMERGY blade (BX), rack (RX) and tower (TX) models, and becomes a cornerstone of Fujitsu’s overall Infrastructure-as-a-Service strategy with which we take another step on the way to a service-oriented, platform-based delivery model for IT services.
With the PRIMERGY CX1000, Fujitsu unveils a creative new Cool-Central™ architecture that also saves space by removing the need for the data centre “hot aisle” – the space behind racks where hot air is blown out of the back of running servers. Instead, the PRIMERGY CX1000 features an internal chimney that funnels hot air through the top of the standard-size rack. This allows for rows of PRIMERGY CX1000 racks to be placed back-to-back, resulting in floor-space savings alone of up to 40%.
This revolutionary approach also translates into significant carbon reductions for data centre operators. Fujitsu Group has embarked on a global Green ICT initiative, Green Policy Innovation, aimed at helping customers achieve their environmental commitments. Breakthrough technologies like the PRIMERGY CX1000, designed to dramatically reduce environmental footprints, will be an important part of achieving this mission.
Back-to-basics design ethos

The PRIMERGY CX1000’s back-to-basics approach to individual components does away with the need for full system redundancy and hot-pluggable components. Within massive scale-out applications and fully-virtualised system environments, services running on non-responding servers are simply switched by software from one to another server and restarted.
Built on off-the-shelf components, the simplistic design concept of the PRIMERGY CX1000 is to replace individual server nodes in case of a system failure – then replace faulty components offline. Adding and removing nodes is a snap, thanks to the PRIMERGY CX1000’s shared infrastructure – with centralised power distribution and cooling.
“Cloud computing demands have caught data centre operators in a vicious circle of performance and cost,”says Joe Duran, product manager PRIMERGY, Fujitsu UK & Ireland.“Today, the battles are being won and lost on the plains of price-performance. With the PRIMERGY CX1000 we’re introducing a solution that goes beyond the scale-out performance envelope of rack servers – without blowing budgets – which is especially compelling in Cloud computing environments.”
“New products require new services, and new services are realised by new products. The PRIMERGY CX1000 introduces a new hybrid approach ensuring that we meet every customer’s unique demand: cost efficiency gains from implementing standardised services such as IaaS, plus the flexibility to add customised services such as managed services,”concludes Duran.
The PRIMERGY CX1000 system features the new generation Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series, which delivers unprecedented levels of processing power. Raejeanne Skillern, director of Cloud Computing Marketing at Intel Corporation, says:“Intel and Fujitsu have a long and successful history of partnering to bring valuable combinations of Intel-based PRIMERGY servers to the IT server marketplace. With the launch of Intel’s new Xeon 5600 processor series (code name Westmere-EP), Intel welcomes the next generation of broad server offerings from Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY product line, and Intel is especially delighted with Fujitsu’s new PRIMERGY CX1000.”

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