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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Steadfast Networks Announces Carbon Neutral Hosting Services

Steadfast Networks, a leading Chicago based colocation services and dedicated server hosting provider, announced its environmental green initiative by implementing a 100% carbon offset for staff commuting, office usage, core infrastructure, networking equipment, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and backup services. Steadfast Networks is certified “carbon neutral” by Carbonfund.org, an environmentally-friendly organization that helps businesses reduce and offset their climate impact.

“Moving steadily forward in the 21st century does not mean trampling all over our natural resources, so we have teamed up with Carbonfund.org and implemented a variety of green initiative programs to help preserve our natural resources,” says Karl Zimmerman, CEO of Steadfast Networks. “The same high quality and exceptional service Steadfast Networks stands for in our managed servers, colocation hosting services, and web hosting services is the standard we aspire to for maintaining a healthy environment.”
In addition to becoming carbon neutral and purchasing carbon offsets, Steadfast Networks encourages employees to commute by foot, bike, or public transportation, and in some cases, work from home. To increase efficiency and help the environment, local vendors such as Amadi Systems provide more than 90% of Steadfast Networks’ equipment, cutting down on the emissions caused while transporting. Steadfast Networks orders the equipment with no packing materials in order to reduce the trash produced. All paper and cardboard products, equipment, hardware, and servers building-wide are recycled.

“Not having to unpack equipment has increased the speed of operations and made our Chicago hosting services and data centers run more efficiently,” says Zimmerman. “Highly efficient network systems and dedicated server hosting also reduce carbon outputs, and those are options we also offer to customers who want to reduce their carbon imprint.”

Steadfast Network’s base operations, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and backup services are carbon neutral. Customers who wish to receive carbon neutral colocation services and dedicated server hosting indicate that choice by contacting a Steadfast Networks representative or when placing an order. Additionally, Steadfast Networks’ low power Atom servers, Xeon processors and Intel solid state drives lower operational costs while reducing the carbon footprint associated with hosting services. Providing dedicated server, colocation, and hosting services without up-selling a more energy-intensive IT solution a customer does not need further reduces
environmental impact.

“People who are passionate about caring for our world are loyal to companies who share that same sense of responsibility,” says Zimmerman. “Customers appreciate transparency and businesses with carbon neutral hosting services can let their clients know they are standing up and doing their part for our world.”

For more information on Steadfast Networks’ green initiative, or to suggest more ways to reduce the carbon footprint, visit http://steadfast.net/corporate/green.php.

About Steadfast Networks

Established in 1998, Chicago based hosting company Steadfast Networks, delivers high quality, powerful servers through reliable dedicated server hosting, colocation server hosting, virtual private servers, shared web hosting, and dedicated game server hosting. Steadfast’s award-winning services and dedicated support staff help customers from all over the world 24/7/365. Customers can choose basic hosting or a customized, fully managed dedicated server hosting solution. Steadfast Networks offers 100% carbon neutral hosting services as an environment-friendly provider.

To learn more about Steadfast Networks, visit http://www.steadfast.net

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