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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

GoldKey Secures KryptoVault Cloud Storage

GoldKey Security Corporation has announced that its USB Security Token has been KryptoVault Certified, enabling users to carry access to massively scalable storage in the Cloud using GoldKey’s award-winning USB hardware token.

GoldKey with KryptoVault provides an attractive pricing model, offering 1 terabyte of storage for just $100 per month. The solution provides file storage isolated in secure containers called KryptoVaults, where the data is remotely hosted in the Cloud and stored in encrypted form. A GoldKey USB Token, enabling on-the-fly encryption and decryption, allows transparent, near real-time access to all the user’s KryptoVaults and files. When the GoldKey is removed from the machine, vault access ends.

GoldKey represents a new approach to the problem of security in cloud computing, incorporating multi-factor authentication, symmetric 256-bit AES encryption, multi-tier access for enterprise deployments, and a hardware-enabled key management system – all managed through a powerful and intuitive user interface.

GoldKey employs revolutionary patent-pending HSP technology to deliver a hierarchal token management system. This technology grants organizational flexibility and efficiency by using Master and GrandMaster Tokens to provide tiered access to encrypted data stored locally or in the Cloud. The Master and GrandMaster architecture allows for the provisioning of user groups, enabling users to carry a single GoldKey which extends federated access to the files and Vaults for which they are authorized.

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