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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

SMEStorage Announce Cloud File Server SharePoint Connector

SMEStorage has announced that it has released a SharePoint connector that is available to its Personal Lifetime Business users, and Cloud File Server business users.

SMEStorage is a privately owned company, which focuses on cloud data access and management, across operating systems and mobile devices, for individuals and business users.

Unlike other data access providers SMEStorage enables an open platform in which any of over 15 storage providers can be accessed simultaneously with aggregated data being presented in a virtual cloud file system.

The SharePoint connector enables the SharePoint data to be used directly from SMEStorage clients. These include cloud tooling for Windows, Mac and Linux, and mobile tooling for iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry and the Nokia N7.

CEO Ian Osborne stated, “We’ve been pushed by our business for a while to support SharePoint. They wish to be able to access and manage their SharePoint data along with the other Cloud Data that they manage from our Platform, which invariably is a mix of public and private clouds, such as for example, Google Docs, and Amazon S3.

“In letting businesses work with existing SharePoint data we open up easy access to SharePoint from Operating Systems and mobile platforms that don’t have SharePoint clients.”

Osborne finished with saying, “We are in an exciting space with an exciting technology that covers not only cloud, but also mobile working, two of the biggest growth areas as predicted by analysts for the next 5 years. Our strategy is to continue to develop our Open Cloud Platform and to enabled best of breed file storage connectivity, whilst at the same time moving forward with our Cloud File Server and our on premise cloud appliance for businesses that want to take advantage of Cloud Technology.”

About SMEStorage:

SMEStorage provides provide a cloud storage gateway appliance which offers value added services and clients to which overlay cloud storage and information providers. The solution provides a single cloud file system which enables files from many different cloud storage providers to be managed in one cloud file tree.

The SMEStorage.com SaaS platform provides services to individual users, and also to corporate users via its Organisation Cloud platform offering, which provides a ‘fileserver in the cloud’.

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