Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

SiteGround.com Launches New Cloud Hosting Service

SiteGround.com, the leading web hosting company, today announced the launch of a new cloud hosting service. The new product uses the best virtualization technology to deliver a service with outstanding reliability, redundancy and flexibility, suitable for business websites of various sizes. The cloud hosting service includes number of free extras, which makes it the most affordable offer on the market.

The new cloud hosting service is the ideal solution for business websites, thanks to its platform of multiple servers that operate as one. It provides unmatched reliability and redundant storage. Every website hosted on the cloud is virtually stored on several areas of the Sun Powered Cloud Storage. In case any of the hard drives fail, the others take over and no information is lost from the system.

The superior virtualization standard – KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) used on the platform guarantees dedicated share of server resources to each website hosted there. “The cloud platform is probably the best thing out there right now – it behaves like a dedicated server by guaranteeing your fair share of space, traffic, CPU, only at a cheaper cost. It is great for small and big sites that want to cut costs while at the same time get a reliable service,” says Nikolay Todorov, Chief Technical Officer of SiteGround.com.

SiteGround cloud hosting comes in several convenient packages with different resource configurations and includes a number of free extra services such as cPanel and 24/7 server monitoring. The new service allows a customer with a smaller budget to take advantage of a powerful server infrastructure with multiple enhancements, while paying a fraction of the cost.

Cloud hosting is the newest addition to the large portfolio of services of SiteGround.com. With the company’s superior technical know-how, SiteGround is always one of the first to explore new technologies and offer them at a reasonable cost to its customers. The company already offers shared hosting, business hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting. “Our company invests significant resources in researching the best new technologies. We then incorporate these into our business to ensure our end customers can take advantage of those best suited for their businesses. Our customers are cost-conscious, so we evaluate those that help them cut costs and enhance the quality of service,” says Tenko Nikolov, CEO of SiteGround.com.

For more information about the new cloud hosting service, please visit: www.siteground.com/cloud_hosting.htm

About SiteGround:

SiteGround.com is a leading provider of web hosting services that hosts more than 250,000 domains worldwide. The company offers shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, managed dedicated hosting solutions and cloud hosting. SiteGround offers a powerful system infrastructure and superior 24/7 technical support that guarantee reliability, uptime and quality of service. For more information about SiteGround at the company’s website: www.siteground.com

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