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Amplidata Win Best Cloud Storage Solution at the Cloud Computing World Series Awards

Amplidata have been named the “Best Cloud Storage Solution” at the Cloud Computing World Series Awards 2010

Amplidata, an innovator in next-generation distributed storage technology for public and private clouds, announced today that the Cloud Computing World Forum has awarded them the 2010 award for Best Cloud Storage Solution. The prestigious Cloud Computing World Series Award was presented to Amplidata at the Cloud Computing World Forum 2010 award event held at the Olympia Conference Centre in London, England.

“Cloud Computing World Forum recognizes our unique approach to replace RAID as the main technology for high-available and power-efficient storage systems” said Wim De Wispelaere, CEO Amplidata. “Disks nowadays have capacities of a TerraByte or more and on-line data is required to be always available. Building large scale storage systems by applying RAID redundancy technology on high capacity disks leads to long rebuild times and unacceptable exposure to data loss. Amplidata foresaw this issue years ago and developed a unique set of technologies that enables customers to deliver extremely high availability and scalability at a fraction of the cost.”

The Cloud Computing World Series Awards annually recognize the best Cloud products and services. Winners are selected by an independent panel of judges including press editors, industry analysts, management consultants, and practicing IT architects and leaders. This year, the judges had to select from over 40 nominations in each category.

Amplidata was awarded “Best Cloud Storage Solution” because of the unique combination of three innovative technologies:

The BitSpread technology encodes data with higher availability and lower overhead.

BitLog tracks all block data writes to offer snapshots, clones, rollback and history on all stored data.

BitDynamics manages storage scalability and availability, and performs out-of-band storage verification and optimization.

This combination makes Amplidata the only storage solution that is far more reliable and cost-efficient than any RAID-based system on the market today.

“The award for Best Cloud Storage Solution was a fiercely competed category so congratulations to Amplidata for winning the award in its 1st year,” said Mark Johnstone, Show Director for the Cloud Computing World Series. “The award confirms Amplidata’s vision and rewards their years of intense engineering.”

For more information about the 2010 Cloud Computing World Series Awards, visit http://cloudwf.com/Awards/. For more information about Amplidata, visit www.amplidata.com.

About Amplidata

Amplidata was founded in 2008 by a team of storage veterans to build the first unbreakable storage system based on BitSpread technology which they researched and developed over the last 10 years. Amplidata responds to the market’s need by solving the problems traditional technologies face and guarantees ultimate availability on all storage tiers. Leveraging distributed storage technologies, Amplidata enables customers to build highly available storage infrastructures at significantly reduced cost.

The Amplidata team consists of storage experts who also helped build the success of DataCenter Technologies (acquired by Symantec in 2005) and Dedigate (acquired by Terremark in 2005). The development team is responsible for patent-pending distributed storage innovations. Amplidata has its operational headquarters at the Incubaid Innovation Center in IT Valley in Lochristi, near Gent, Belgium. R&D are located in Belgium, Germany and Egypt, sales and support are represented in a number of countries in Europe and North America. More information can be found at www.amplidata.com

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