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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

HostGee.Com Launches SEO for Ecommerce

HostGee.Com is proud to announce the latest offering that helps online retailers succeed in business: HostGee SEO for Ecommerce. This “do-it-for-me” solution features search engine optimization (SEO) for product groups and is designed to meet the distinct needs and tight budgets of those who sell products online.

HostGee SEO for Ecommerce begins with a website analysis provided by an expert SEO developer. From the analysis a custom roadmap of activities is developed based on the site content and budget parameters, and is presented to the online retailer. The strategic monthly onsite and offsite activities are designed to improve the ecommerce website and build quality links. The overall objective of the roadmap is to boost search engine rankings, drive more traffic to the site, and increase onsite conversions.trans HostGee Launches SEO for Ecommerce

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Some of the activities may include: writing new product descriptions that contain targeted keywords; adding title tags; updating or adding page content; submitting to directories; writing blog posts; writing and distributing articles and press releases; and engaging in social media activities, as well as other custom onsite and offsite improvements.

HostGee SEO for Ecommerce offers some distinct advantages for business owners who sell online:

– Affordability: one-time site analysis fee, starting at $250, and flexible monthly budgets, as low as $450
– Flexibility: monthly budgets can be increased or decreased, and product groups can be added or changed at any time to accommodate the budget and marketing plans of the customer.
– Ongoing, custom SEO management: HostGee experts select, monitor, and adjust keywords over time to drive best results.
– Trackable progress: customers have access to real-time reporting through their online Account Manager.

“Our research found that online retailers have not had access to an affordable search engine optimization product tailored exclusively to their business model,” said Shafiq Ur Rehmanl, CEO/Founder for HostGee. “The process of optimizing for many keywords within product groups, combined with the ability to modify keywords and monthly budget allocation makes this an ideal solution for online retailers.”

Customer service is a key focus of this new offering. Customers work with a dedicated HostGee Account Manager who will address issues and field questions; and all activity is tracked and reported in the online Account Manager so the customer can view activities and their results at any time.

HostGee SEO for Ecommerce, offers an online retailer a marketing product designed just for their business model. To learn more about this product or to schedule your consultation, visit www.HostGee.com online.

About HostGee.Com Corporation

HostGee Corporation provides domain name registration, Web hosting and ecommerce, colocation, managed dedicated hosting, SaaS hosting, Web design and online marketing services to over 1 Hundred Thousand Web sites and 80,000 customers worldwide. It operates over 250,191 square feet of state-of-the-art data centers that reduce the complexity and cost of Web-based technologies for small businesses and large enterprises. Founded in 2009, HostGee is one of the world’s largest Web hosting companies with a direct presence in 3 countries, 3 worldwide operation centers and more than 150 employees.

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