Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Cheap VPS Hosting: VPSimple Announced

VPSimple is intended for developers and system administrators, who look for a compromise between shared and the dedicated server. If you want to administrate your VPS in total freedom meanwhile enjoying low cost web space, VPSimple could meet your needs.


VPSimple gives the technicians a complete control over the VPS, which includes remote console management, hard and soft reboot, firewall and monitoring rule setting.

They have no obligation, since they pay until they use the virtual server. VPSimple offers immediate activation without setup fees. Additionally, you can choose from many Linux and Windows distributions. It will be possible to receive a private IP addresses and have High Availability (coming soon).

At any time, the server will be accessible from the administrative panel, without any restrictions. The panel allows you to manage the customizable firewall for your server protection, proactive monitoring of services and machine resources. The option of a scheduled server backup will be soon released.


Every internet professional knows how important is the security. VPSimple technicians have chosen a certified ISO27001 Data Center with 99,99% SLA and dual redundant power supply. All Virtual Servers are based on Supermicro Dual Intel Xeon hardware and have a disk array configured in RAID 10.

Virtual server backups are performed on dedicated Backup Server using a dedicated private network. They provide service recovery in a short time even if the total failure of the machines hosting virtual servers occurs. The entire system housed in the Telecom Server Farm has the best technology for data protection and connectivity, which results in a service of high efficiency.

VPSimple plans

VPSimple provides a wide variety of plans, which allow users to choose from different contract periods:

• 1 or more days
• 1 or more weeks
• 1 or more months
• 1 or more years.

The purpose of the shortest contract duration is to allow users to run server tests and evaluate VPSimple performance.

For more information visit http://www.vpsimple.com

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