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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

DualRack Announces Enkompass Windows Hosting

DualRack announced its new Enkompass web hosting packages which run on multiple Windows Server 2008 machines. The Enkompass control panel, also known as the Web Site Owner (WSO) panel, is very similar in its look and feel as compared to the existing cPanel Linux control panel. This will make it extremely easy for current cPanel users to make the switch over to a Windows hosting account.

cPanel has been hard at work over the last couple of years trying to get a stable release of Enkompass out there. The first stable version has now been released and DualRack is one of only a small number of web hosting providers that offers it. Two DualRack CEO’s, Andrew Wietlispach & Neilson Robin stated that they “Wanted to make their companies windows web hosting as user friendly as possible.” Andrew also quoted “We have always had outstanding feedback on the cPanel control panel from our Linux customers and we knew this was going to be our choice when it came to offering Windows web hosting.”

Numerous online polls have shown that many existing Linux web hosting clients have expressed interest in trying out Windows web hosting if they only had a control panel that they were truly comfortable with. With Enkompass now on the market the cPanel company is confident some of these users may give Windows a try. The Enkompass system utilizes IIS7 and offers both MySQL and MSSQL.

For more information about DualRack, visit www.DualRack.com

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