Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Host1Plus.com launches free web hosting service

Host1Plus.com a leading global provider of web hosting and domain names registration, today announced that they have officially launched free web hosting service that is powered by cloud computing technology. The free web hosting service Host1Free.com was introduced earlier on 1st of April this year. Free web hosting service will run separately from Host1Plus.com web hosting service.

Host1Free.com will offer free web hosting service that is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Extra additional services are added to free web hosting service as free web site builder, free webFTP client, free sub domain name. This is the new type of free web hosting that is provided with support and highly tested and monitored every day.

Host1Plus.com is the professional web hosting company that consults hardware manufactures (DELL, Hewlett Packard) has good reputation in relation to web hosting providers and is one of the leading companies in the world by providing global web hosting. Free web hosting was launched after good revision and careful tests of hardware and software. The most important thing that free web hosting (Host1Free.com) will be the new way for Host1Plus.com how to achieve the best practice and results working with customers, hardware failures and software configurations.

“Since we have launched in 2008, we have continuously investing in our people, technology and other resources that our customers would give 100% of positive feedback. I think Host1Plus.com achieved excellent results for customer base and technology platform. Host1Free.com free web hosting is the new way to grow and expand much faster. We aim to be the best global web hosting provider and have Host1Plus.com along with Host1Free.com on the top of other good known web hosting providers. After we have launched Host1Plus.com we never thought that it would be that tremendous success. We are very happy that customers like web hosting provided by us and it really give the best motivation to grow and think how to grow much faster.” said Vincentas Grinius, CEO and Co-founder of Host1Plus.com and Host1Free.com.

More about Host1Plus.com web hosting provider and Host1Free.com free web hosting
Host1Plus.com provides web hosting, domain registration and e-commerce solutions with web design and website optimization. Host1Plus.com has very strong support and technical background that is covered with 20 employees. Free web hosting is managed by qualified UNIX technicians and support is provided by highly skilled support team. With our 5 data centers across Europe and Asia Host1Plus.com and Host1Free.com has the best hardware to host websites and midsized e-commerce shops around the globe.

Host1Plus.com web hosting provider launches new free web hosting service – Host1Free.com that is powered by cloud computing technologies. Based in Frankfurt, Germany Host1Free.com aims to be the best free web hosting service that ever existed in the Internet history. With high qualified personnel free web hosting service is provided with the latest technology and hardware structure.

Host1Plus.com (part of Digital Energy Technologies Ltd.)
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United Kingdom

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