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Primeur Chooses Data Expedition, Inc. Fast File Transfer Solution

Data Expedition, Inc.(R), a leading developer of high-performance data transfer software, and Primeur, an Italian multinational leader in managed file transfer, traceability, control and end-to-end security, have signed a new technology partnership. Under this agreement, Primeur will use Data Expedition’s patented MTP/IP(TM) technology for Spazio FASTransfer, a component of its Spazio Enterprise MFT/S secure managed file transfer solution, designed for speeding up the transfer of large files over long distances.

Spazio FASTransfer is intended for those organizations that need to exchange large files quickly and reliably with partners who use low quality, high latency networks (for example, Internet on satellite and broadband). Despite access to and the use of fast networks, the exchange of data for multimedia applications (such as video content, scientific data, monitoring images, price lists, editorial content, account statements, etc.) between partners from different companies fails to take advantage of available bandwidth in the most efficient way, incurring high-costs with significant repercussions on corporate workflows.

Because of Data Expedition’s proprietary Multipurpose Transaction Protocol(R) (MTP/IP) technology, Primeur can now guarantee companies high performance and reliability even when network conditions are challenging. By having the ability to use up to nearly 100% of allocated bandwidth, Spazio FASTransfer is able to transfer files at a speed up to 7 times faster than standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) on WANs (Wide Area Networks), with tolerance for packet loss and network latency up to 10 and 40 times greater than FTP, respectively. All of this is reflected in cost savings, greater efficiency and guaranteed delivery of critically important content, while relying on a highly reliable solution.

“We are pleased to be working with Primeur to bring integrated high-performance networking to the Managed File Transfer market. By combining our strengths, we are uniquely able to address the challenges of companies for whom large scale, real-time content exchange is of strategic importance,” said Seth Noble, President of Data Expedition, Inc. “The MFT market is a natural fit for our technology and we look forward to working with partners like Primeur to bring our high-performance transport solutions to additional verticals and regions.”

“The alliance with Data Expedition is part of a strategy of agreements with international partners in order to enrich the Primeur family of solutions with new added value functionality,” said Edoardo Musso, CEO and President of Primeur. “By exploiting the innovative technology from Data Expedition, our Spazio FASTransfer product is well positioned for a constantly growing market such as that of digital content.”

Data Expedition, Inc.
Data Expedition, Inc.(R) is a global provider of software solutions for network performance and reliability. Our Multipurpose Transaction Protocol(R) (MTP/IP(TM)) technology overcomes the packet loss, congestion, and latency challenges of Wide Area Networks. Our customers achieve faster data throughput and transaction rates, improving performance for point-to-point file transfer, data back-up, data center migration, grid computing, content distribution, and many other network critical tasks.

Primeur is a multinational company and one of the main producers of middleware solutions for heterogeneous IT systems. Primeur is specialized in the management of moving and static company data, both within the organization and to the outside world. It is a leader in Managed File Transfer (MFT), End-to-End Security and File Control and Traceability technologies. Primeur provides software and services for SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), communication middleware, legacy application integration and data security. With more than 500 customers worldwide – including large companies operating across all sectors – it has branches and distributors in Europe, the US, South America and Asia Pacific.

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