Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

InterNetX and The Fedora Project Collaborate to Expand Use of Linux Across Europe

The Fedora Project, a Red Hat sponsored and community-supported open source collaboration, delivers one of the most popular Linux-based operating systems around the globe. Fedora is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of technological development by harnessing the power of a community of volunteers who are dedicated to developing and maintaining Fedora as a free and open source distribution. The Fedora Project has partnered with InterNetX to strengthen its popularity in Europe and better serve the steadily growing EU Fedora community.

The InterNetX Data Center in Munich meets the necessary technological, environmental and security requirements and is capable of offering multiple redundant connections with a bandwidth of over 40 Gbit/s. InterNetX has assigned a /64 native IPv6 subnet to the Fedora Project and is successfully handling its server requirements and a large portion of the Fedora Project’s European traffic.

This partnership has already received a warm welcome and positive feedback amongst Fedora users. “InterNetX is extremely pleased at the chance to collaborate with the Fedora Project. As InterNetX also strives to remain one of the leaders in our branch, this is a great chance for us to be at the heart of development and experience first-hand know-how,” says Manuel Puehl, Technical Director at InterNetX. “One of our colleagues has been active in the Fedora Project for some time now and when we found out that they were looking for a partner in Europe, we jumped at the chance to get involved and work with experienced, serious Linux users, who are involved in really big projects.”

“The service provided by InterNetX will help the Fedora Project reach European users with greater speed and efficiency,” said Mike McGrath, infrastructure lead, Fedora Project. “Spreading free and open source software is an important part of our work. We aim to release a new version of Fedora, a complete, Linux-based operating system, every six months or so, and partnering with InterNetX will make it easier for users, developers, and professionals across Europe to obtain, install, and use Fedora.”

The Director of Sales and Marketing at InterNetX, Hakan Ali, is also excited, “This is really good news for our customers! Direct support from the pioneers and the possibility to streamline technological performance proactively on an ongoing basis – we believe that our partnership with the Fedora Project is going to benefit everyone involved – including our customers and their end-users. And both companies share a passion for developing and delivering excellence – that’s the perfect foundation for a partnership that is set to bear fruit!”

You can find more information about InterNetX at: www.internetx.com.

For more information about the Fedora Project, visit www.fedoraproject.org.

About InterNetX:
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