Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

JumpBox Announces Promotion for One Free Year of Licensing to Enable Hosting WordPress, Joomla, Mediawiki & Drupal via Amazon Web Services

JumpBox, Inc. today announced a promotion that enables any individual to leverage JumpBox’s application packaging technology to host his or her blog, web site or wiki free for one year on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This promotion may be used in conjunction with the AWS Free Usage Tier to combine the reliability of the AWS technology infrastructure platform with best-in-class Open Source server software. The JumpBox technology then provides a streamlined path to running these applications.

Used by over 25,000 entities in forty different countries, JumpBox’s service is world-renowned for simplifying the deployment and maintenance of server software on cloud infrastructure. Having distributed upwards of 350,000 units to date and incorporating over five years of improvements from real-world usage, JumpBox is a recognized authority on this class of software.

“Members of the Micropreneur Academy like JumpBox because of how much it simplifies the process of getting an environment up and running. As entrepreneurs, we don’t have hours to devote to installing and maintaining third-party software,” says Rob Walling, Founder of the Micropreneur Academy and Author of SoftwareByRob.com. “JumpBox allows our members to focus on what counts, which is building their startups.”

“By taking advantage of the AWS Free Usage Tier and developing a streamlined graphical launch interface for streamlining the traditional launch process, JumpBox is helping businesses and developers get started using AWS,” says Chief Operating Officer and JumpBox Co-founder Sean Tierney.

“We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible with cloud and virtualization technology,” adds CEO and Co-founder Kimbro Staken. “The AWS on-demand cloud infrastructure has been a real boon to tech-savvy IT-oriented companies. Layering our technology on top of their cloud infrastructure will help businesses quickly take advantage of web hosting in the cloud. And given that the cost can be subsidized by AWS and JumpBox for the first year, the price is right for anyone constrained by tight IT budgets.”

Licensing fees for the JumpBox runtime on these four applications are waived when accessed via this promo. The AWS Free Usage Tier is subject to the AWS Free Usage Tier Offer Terms. Use of AWS in excess of free usage amounts will be charged standard AWS rates. The JumpBox technology also enables customers to take advantage of over fifty other similar applications available via the JumpBox library. JumpBox charges a flat monthly fee of $49 or $99 depending on the support needs of the customer.

“It’s an exciting time to be a consumer as well as provider of server software. The AWS cloud changes the game for a lot of folks and we’re privileged to have the opportunity to play a role in helping businesses benefit from AWS,” says Tierney.

About JumpBox
JumpBox is a recognized leader in providing hassle-free server software on cloud and virtualized infrastructure. JumpBox enables businesses to deploy a wide array of collaborative applications in minutes across a variety of computing environments. Offering the convenience of a SaaS-based service and the control and flexibility of private, run-anywhere instances, the JumpBox service enables IT admins to concentrate on extracting value from their software rather than maintaining it. For more information on JumpBox see http://www.jumpbox.com.
For full details on AWS’s Free Usage Tier, please visit http://aws.amazon.com/free/

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