Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

ProVim Web Hosting Acquires IndexU

At the close of 2010, ProVim Web Hosting and Development acquired New Jersey-based hosting company, IndexU. The acquisition adds over 500 new accounts and 24 resellers to the existing ProVim server list. In addition to the IndexU takeover, ProVim absorbed Jacob Cane Hosting, which added 150 new accounts and one reseller to ProVim’s server list.

As the economy rebounds the competition for hosting companies heats up. While some fold, larger hosting companies absorb them. With these acquisitions, ProVim continues to expand in a new year. “This growth demonstrates our core values of strengthen and vitality,” said Heid, President and CEO of ProVim Web Hosting and Development.

The difference between ProVim and other hosting is the service. “While other hosting companies can pinpoint problems with a client’s website that it is hosted on their server,” said Heid, “traditional hosting companies can’t fix the problem.” ProVim gives its clients both. “We can pinpoint, diagnose and fix website problems on our servers,” said Heid. “Plus, businesses have the option of purchasing our filter junk email service that blocks nearly all junk mail and protects computers from malware and spyware.”

Businesses that host with ProVim typically experience less down time with their websites and become more productive with email by using the filter junk email services.

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