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Microsoft Lync Business Communication Solutions

A new product, Microsoft Lync Server, offers businesses the most seamless integration of communications technology solutions ever presented, including enterprise voice, conferencing, and instant messaging. Microsoft Lync may well revolutionize the way your employees communicate with each other. Sudden Communications (www.suddencommunications.ca) is working with clients throughout Vancouver to integrate this technology into their existing infrastructure.

Managing multiple platforms for multiple communications solutions has always been a frustrating and cumbersome experience in the workplace. Microsoft Lync brings consolidation and unity to solve that problem. Lync allows businesses to use instant messaging, voice, and conferencing of audio, video, and web all from one single easy-to-use interface!

Additionally, contacts for all of these communications tools are stored in the Lync server, saving significant time your employees may spend searching through an address book of one platform to use in another. You can now easily use your Outlook contacts across Lync applications, making life much easier.

Microsoft Lync is also compatible with Sharepoint in addition to Office, so you can increase productivity exponentially by linking up stakeholders across the country and around the globe. With Lync, you’ll find yourself collaborating more often and more effectively than ever before.

Another great aspect of Microsoft Lync is that it empowers you to customize your usage experience. The Lync interface can be embedded in another applications, so that these tools can be integrated with other frequently-used programs. The only limits to leveraging Microsoft Lync is your own creativity.

If you are ready to streamline communication and simplify sharing and collaboration, then you are ready to implement Microsoft Lync.

Sudden Communications is committed to meeting the business needs of its clients through the effective application of IP Telephony. As a full-service Systems Integrator, Sudden Communications provides solutions that address present-day business needs while positioning customers to take best advantage of future technological growth and change. Sudden Communications works closely with its customers to design, develop, and implement systems that meet the quality, scheduling, budget, and user requirements of all stakeholders involved. Visit http://www.suddencommunications.ca/products/microsoft-lync/ for more information.

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