Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hosting Controller Introduces Virtualization Module Based on Microsoft Hyper-V & Xen Hypervisor

Hosting Controller today introduces Virtualization Module based on Microsoft Hyper-V & Xen Hypervisor technology to facilitate automatic provisioning of virtualized partitions on both Windows and Linux based servers.

HC Virtualization Module enables hosting service providers to automate VPS provisioning and a web-based control panel providing rich capabilities. HC supports XEN on Linux and Hyper-V on Windows to create virtualized partitions on the fly on command from the order management system. It offers real-time service management to activate, suspend and resume partitions. It also comes with an end-user self-serve portal that allows the end user to manage his virtualized partitions himself

“Over the past twelve years we have been on a journey to transform hosting business into true automation with the power of software” says Babar Zaman, Vice President of Business Development at Hosting Controller, “We are extremely excited to launch the first ever unified virtualization solution suite that combines HC provisioning framework with Microsoft technology of Hyper-V for Windows & Xen Hypervisor technology for Linux. The release of HC virtualization module reduces the complexity involved in offering VPS hosting and delivers a comprehensive self-serve portal for the end customers to manage all aspects of their partition of the virtual server.”

Complete Features and additional information to purchase or evaluate are available at www.hostingcontroller.com

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