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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

NetCharts Server & Designer Delivers Easy-To-Use Interactive Data Visualization Features

Visual Mining, a leader in performance management and data visualization solutions, today announced the immediate availability of NetCharts® Server and NetCharts Designer v7. By combining award winning visualizations with complex analytical functions and ease-of-use characteristics, NetCharts Server and Designer provides organizations with a cost effective way to develop and deliver effective interactive Web-based dashboards, scorecards, and reports for their performance management initiatives.

Enhancements include:
Enhanced Visual Effects – create charts with surface textures, rounded edges, shadowing, spotlights and new pre-built color palettes and chart themes

Animated and Interactive Charts – build Web-based reports with charts that animate, such as grow, fade, etc.; chart animation extends to user interaction: As users mouse over charts and legends, information is highlighted

HTML5/SVG Support – build standards-based charts for use across desktops and mobile devices

Built-in Analytics – support for over 50 analytics functions: Bollinger Band, Moving Average, Histogram Distribution, Normal Distribution, Regression, Statistical Process Control and many more

“NetCharts Server and Designer furnishes development professionals with an ideal platform to build and deliver effective performance management applications that provide a deeper understanding of the business, aligns individual and departmental goals with corporate strategy, and promotes improved accountability across the organization,” said Tristan Ziegler, President and CEO, Visual Mining. “As Web-based information delivery becomes ever-more important to our clients, this release incorporates support for the emerging Web standards of HTML5/SVG to meet those needs – for today and into the future.”

About Visual Mining
For more than a decade, Visual Mining continues to be a profitable, trusted and valued provider of business intelligence dashboard and data visualization solutions that instantly transform data into actionable business information. Visual Mining’s award-winning NetCharts software delivers comprehensive, intuitive, and effective solutions for both developers and business end-users. Visual Mining’s support and professional services teams complement its products by providing the expertise to ensure success. Download a free evaluation copy of NetCharts software by visiting www.visualmining.com. Follow us on Twitter! www.twitter.com/visualmining

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