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First Colo GmbH New Data Center

The new data center of the First Colo GmbH is up and running since the beginning of the year, and there are already plans to almost triple the server capacities until 2012. Taking this step now is necessary because the demand for server spaces exceeded the expectations by far.
Since the first concepts of the new data center facilities, later expansions were taken into consideration – however, the upgrade was intended for a later point in time. The new server areas will be located right next to the already existing room, therefore there will be many synergy effects and additional redundancies.

Throughout the year, First Colo managed to acquire many new key accounts thanks to the new data center. The large demand can be explained by the fact that the new server location is based on very modern and energy-efficient technologies. Because of an efficient air-conditioning system, First Colo can achieve savings of up to 60 % compared to usual data centers. Hence, the company is capable of offering flexible solutions with remarkably attractive contract conditions.

The Munich-based First Colo GmbH operates a data center in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Its core business is the rental of data center space and servers. First Colo’s customers receive access to its very modern technical infrastructure; there is also a huge variety of complementing services. The company is active on the market since over seven years.

First Colo GmbH
Hanauer Landstrasse 291b
60314 Frankfurt am Main

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