Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Virtual-Server.org Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary with New Virtual Server Plans

Virtual-Server.org celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, and to mark the momentous milestone, the company has announced several new virtual server plans that will allow it’s customers to take advantage of the best hosting service at a low price. On top of this, the company also announced a 50% recurring discount on all VPS hosting plans. These special offers are now available to all who are interested of purchasing VPS hosting services from Virtual-Server.org.

Specializing in VPS hosting, Virtual-Server.org offers the market’s most affordable SSD virtual server hosting plans. The company is one of the more reputable in the market as it uses only high-grade infrastructure such as Quad and Dual core INTEL processors, Solid State Disk Drives, and fast memory to ensure superior performance at all times.

Their main service is the VPS, or the Virtual Private Server, which allows companies to store their website data securely while enjoying their independent system and guaranteed amounts of disk space and RAM resources to accommodate their growing needs. Due to the high specifications infrastructure used by Virtual-Server.org, it’s customers enjoy robustly performing websites capable of handling heavy traffic. Because of this, Virtual-Server.org is an ideal fit for companies or personal websites with a high potential for growth.

Virtual-Server.org heightens these benefits by making sure that such a service is obtainable at a low price and also by ensuring that customers can easily manage their server resources. The company offers a simple web control panel that allows users to create databases, manage nameservers, create e-mail accounts, set up WordPress or Drupal websites, upload files, set up ftp accounts, and so on without the need for special knowledge of skills in doing so.

Virtual-Server.org also offers some of the most flexible VPS hosting packages on the market. Their plans give customers a lot of space for customization. The packages range from those that offer minimal resources for customers with basic needs all the way to fully loaded plans that can satisfy the high demands of web developers. They also have mid-line packages perfect for bloggers.

Their best value offer, however, is an extreme plan that offers up to 100GB SSD storage, up to 3000GB data transfer, and up to 4GB guaranteed memory but only with a minimal price increase. The extreme package has become very popular among large business websites and corporate resellers.

Additionally, they also offer a custom virtual server plan that allows customers to decide how much memory, disk space, and data transfer allocation they want. They can also choose from 1 to 3 IP addresses, and select between Webmin.com and DirectAdmin control panels. Other options include their own choice of operating system, domain name, and DNS servers. They are also free to decide whether they would like to register their domains and obtain a GeoTrust SSL certificate.

As it enters it’s 10th year in the hosting industry, Virtual-Server.org celebrates by providing more optimum plans for it’s customers to choose from. It is best known for its practical monthly billing system, it’s top-rated 24/7 support staff, and it’s extremely fast ticket response. It has a proven track record of offering 100% server uptime and is known for it’s wide choice of Linux distributions. For the assurance of it’s customers, the company offers a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

For more information about Virtual-Server.org and it’s VPS plans, visit www.virtual-server.org.