Cloud306 Announces Private Cloud Service

Built by a coder with a need for simplified virtualization, Jan Paricka developed the company now called Cloud306 (after his daughter, Adelka’s, June 30th birthday).

By owning the hardware that accesses a user’s private cloud, Cloud306 is the safest and fastest path to virtualization.

After downloading Cloud306 software to a personal computer, that single piece of hardware can then be used to access the Cloud306 dashboard. From there, users can select more than 20+ OS options and over 100+ programs (VMs) – all completely managed by Cloud306.

Citing a need for better cloud security, Jan Paricka states “…there’s no better way to keep the cloud secure than to own the hardware that accesses it.” The whole Cloud306 system is set up with user-friendliness in mind, so that “small businesses and remote offices have the power to operate and innovate on an enterprise level without the big price tag.”

Since it’s cloud-based, Cloud306’s technology also helps companies of any size cut down on IT expenses. The company takes care of server management and all virtual machine patches, so there’s no need for additional IT costs. Plus, it’s cheap.

The first cloud server is free following a fast sign-up. After that, the price per server is $10. Paricka says that the whole process takes “less than ten minutes to complete.” Once the setup is finished, feature-rich VMs can be accessed in a snap. Cloud306 is a “totally managed and secure cloud server option.”

One that makes it possible to carry a private cloud.

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